Fractional Data Lead

About Forward
Forward is a consulting firm that works with independent consultants to help startups quickly scale the maturity and headcount of their engineering organizations.
We work exclusively with independent consultants because it allows us to match work to humans faster and more effectively than traditional consulting firms.
We typically work with around a dozen startups and a few dozen consultants at a time.
About the Work
Company Stage: Series B
Keywords: DBT, SnowFlake
Term: 3+ months
Hours per week: 10 - 20
Timeline: Targeting Early March
Timezone Constraints: Company operates in EST, some overlap req for meetings
Geographic Constraints: None
Context: We have a client that's gone from pre-seed to series C levels of revenue in under 2 years. They have about 20 engineers and significantly more work than their current team can handle. They're building a marketplace that connects people that make physical products to online and offline stores that sell them.
Their analytics team needs help getting all of their data from stripe, google analytics, facebook, and other sources into Snowflake so that they can effectively query it for BI purposes. Their engineering team doesn’t have bandwidth to assist here and we are looking for a fractional lead who can come in and help them develop a plan for getting their data pipeline from where it is now to where it needs to be. Your main points of contact would be the director of data analytics and a couple of analysts. We’d be looking to you as things progress to determine whether we’d need to layer in an additional 40 hour / week engineer to help as we move from the planning to execution phase.
About You
Roughly in order of importance:
  • Experience building data pipelines
  • Experience working collaborating non-technical stakeholders on data problems
  • Experience with dbt / snowflake
  • Experience working with data analysts
  • Startup experience
  • 10+ years experience

If this sounds interesting would be great to hear from you at Even if not, we’re always looking to get to know more independent consultants so feel free to reach out and say hey. You can find our other roles here.