About Forward
Forward is a consulting firm that works with independent consultants to help startups quickly scale the maturity and headcount of their engineering organizations.
We work exclusively with independent consultants because it allows us to match work to humans faster and more effectively than traditional consulting firms.
We typically work with around a dozen startups and a few dozen consultants at a time.
About the Work
Company Stage: Series A
Keywords: Elixir, Liveview
Term: 6 months
Hours per week: 40
Timeline: We're targeting an October 11 or October 18 start
Timezone Constraints: None
Geographic Constraints: None
Context: We're working with a client that has a web application that functions as a wrapper around twilio that enables non-profit and not-for-profit organizations to organize text-based and call-based campaigns. They have around 12 full time folks on their engineering team plus an additional 6 consultants through Forward. The Forward folks are organized into two teams of three, each of which is run by a fractional lead who's present for 20 hours per week. We're looking to add two more teams in the next 30 days.
We're looking for an engineer to help us work on a rewrite of the company's talk platform. This is a Pheonix app with a liveview frontend.
Note: We're hiring two people for this role.
About You
Roughly in order of importance:
  • Have experience working in early stage startups
  • Have elixir/phoenix experience
  • Have liveview experience
  • Have experience working in heavily regulated industries
  • Have 6+ years experience

To get in touch ping us at We're always looking to make connections with consultants so feel free to reach out and say hey even if this isn't a fit. You can see what else we're looking for here.