About Forward
Forward is a consulting firm that works with independent consultants to help startups quickly scale the maturity and headcount of their engineering organizations.
We work exclusively with independent consultants because it allows us to match work to humans faster and more effectively than traditional consulting firms.
We typically work with around a dozen startups and a few dozen consultants at a time.
About the Work
Company Stage: Pre-Seed
Keywords: React Native, (react)
Term: 4 months
Hours per week: 20-40
Rate: $80-$120 / hour
Timeline: Immediate
Timezone Constraints: 5 hours overlap with CT
Geographic Constraints: U.S. citizens only due to HIPAA constraints
We’re working with a company that’s offering an alternative to American health insurance. Members pay a fixed amount per month into a pool and pay for all care in cash. The pool covers expensive care events for all members.
They’re looking for a react native engineer who can take over the development of their mobile application from a dev shop. The backend is written on rails / postgres. That rails app is also currently rendering some markup on the server that they intend to port over to react and are potentially looking some help on that front as well.
About You
Roughly in order of importance:
  • You’re a U.S. Citizen
  • You have react native experience
  • You have experience operating in early stage environments
  • You have experience building web frontends with react
  • You have 5+ years experience

If this sounds interesting would be great to hear from you at Even if not, we’re always looking to get to know more independent consultants so feel free to reach out and say hey. You can find our other roles here.